Section 13 and Petach 74

Section 13 centers on the first Partzuf under discussion: Attik. And it’s comprised of Petachim 74-77. As is our way, we’ll first translate the Petachim one by one, and then expand upon the entire section.


Petach 74

עתיק הוא הפרצוף הראשון הנחשב לאצילות, והוא מלכות של א”ק, מתפשטת בתיקונים הצריכים לזה, ומתלבשת באצילות, לקשרו בא”ק, ולקיימו ולהנהיגו.


Attik is the first Partzuf attributed to Atzilut, though it’s higher up than it. It is in fact the Malchut of Adam Kadmon, it extends outward with the repairs that Adam Kadmon needs, i.e., MaH and Ban, and it clothes itself in Atzilut through Erich in order to connect it to Adam Kadmon and to sustain and govern it.

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