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We’re concerned here with Partzuf Attik, given that Attik is the first Partzuf attributed to Atzilut. We learn that It is in fact the Malchut of Adam Kadmon, it extends outward with the repairs that Adam Kadmon needs, i.e., MaH and Ban, and it clothes itself in Atzilut through Erich in order to connect it to Adam Kadmon and to sustain and govern it (Petach 74).

The Partzuf of Attik is comprised of MaH and BaN, which are its “male” and “female” aspects. But they literally function as a single entity and as one body, such that it is impossible to assign each a separate and independent place, and to call this one “right” and the other one “left” which one could in regard to Erich. Rather, they are literally joined together as a single entity comprised of one body (Petach 75).

Another thing unique to Attik is the fact that the phenomenon of a “reverse side”, where the lights are darkened and don’t irradiate which is found in all other Partzufim, isn’t found in Attik. For Attik manifests a “face” on each side.

Its aspect of a “reverse side” suchasitis, is subsumed under the aspect of the “face” there that governs. It’s just that there’s a “face” when it comes to MaH and a “face” when it comes to BaN, and that BaN’s “face” is considered MaH’s “reverse side” relatively speaking (Petach 76).

The connection, i.e., the conjunction, of these “male” and “female” aspects ofAttik is literally like two powers joined together within a single body (Petach 77).



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