A Quick Backtrack in order to Affirm the Point of it All

Ramchal said in Petach 16 above that everything (manifestly)emanates from Him, and that He is the end-point of everything, as it’s written: “I am first, and I am last” (Isaiah 44:6). And it likewise illustrates that He is revealed at the beginning as well as at the end.

We spoke about that here.  But we’d like to add some other sources to this revolutionary (literally, as in “to revolve”) idea of everything returning to its Source here.

We found these sources in the esteemed R’ Y.M. Morgenstern’s work, Yam HaChochma (5777) pp. 639-641. Very much could and should be said about R’ Morgenstern’s expertise, scholarship, genius, and Divine inspiration, but that is far from our intentions here. Suffice it to say that one could hardly do better to become a student of Kabbalah than to study his many and truly holy works.

In any event, for other references to this notion see Eitz Chaim 1:1, R’ Sharabi’s Nahar Shalom p. 13a, The Petach and Mavoh HaSha’arim to R’ Aaron of Strashelye’s Sefer Sha’arei HaYichud v’HeEmunah. and R’ Ashlag’s Pri Chacham Ma’amarim pp. 149-150.


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