Attik (3)  

And we’re told that the Partzuf of Attik clothes itself, i.e., it’s encased and ensconced, in the world of Atzilut by way of the Partzuf of Erich Anpin in order to connect it to the world of Adam Kadmon and to sustain and govern it.

That’s to say that the Partzuf of Atzilut acts a bridge between the two highest worlds, Adam Kadmon and Atzilut, by means its neighbor Partzuf, Erich Anpin, and that it sustains and governs the world of Atzilut that way.

So much for the lay-out and interactions of these upper worlds and Partzufim (which we’ll expand upon and return to below and at various other points in Klach). Elsewhere, though, Ramchal makes a couple of important esoteric points about Attik that touch upon its “bridge” function, as we’ll see.


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