Attik (2)

The Petach continues with the technical statement that Attik also extends outward with the repairs that Adam Kadmon needs, i.e., with MaH and Ban. This is offered to clear up an apparent contradiction in Ari’s writings [1].


[1]  As Ramchal offers in his own comments here, “in one place the Kabbalistic teachings it’s stated that Attik was comprised of MaH and BaN (see Eitz Chaim, Sha’ar Attik Ch. 1), whereas elsewhere it appears that Attik is the Malchut of Adam Kadmon (Eitz Chaim, Sha’ar Seder Attik Ch. 1) which would make it impossible for Adam Kadmon to have been comprised of MaH and BaN”. Ramchal offers that “the explanation lies in the fact that in order to govern Attik, it was necessary for the Malchut of Adam Kadmon to take on these aspects (i.e. of MaH and BaN), which are its repairs, for it is with this ability that Malchut of Adam Kadmon governs Attik” . So there is no contradiction; everything is relevant to its function and stature.


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