Petach 83

הפרצופים של אצילות נעשו מן הבירורים שנעשו, אך עכשיו אין ניכר עוד ממה הם עשויים, כי כבר נתחברו הבירורים ונעשו שוים, אותם העושים מאיזה בירורים, כמו אותם העשויים מבירורים אחרים:

The Partzufim of Atzilut were produced at the time of the Tikkun by the selections made at the time of the breaking of the vessels. But it’s no longer clear what they’d been produced from since the selections have already been conjoined and the Partzufim have been made equal — that is, those that were produced from certain selections are like those that were produced from other selections.


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