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Petach 81 expands on yet transcends the previous one and states that the aforementioned phenomenon of the conjunction of MaH and BaN — that functions in Attik we mustn’t forget — is truly the root of God’s governance of the universe.

The Petach will go on to say that there are two sorts of Divine governance: an open-and-aboveboard overt sort, and a behind-the-scenes covert one. Given that this section is entitled “The Source of (Divine) Covert Governance”, we’ll obviously be concentrating on the latter.

This covert type of governance plays itself out in the complex interactions of the arcane MaH and BaN elements of the Partzufim, while the overt sort takes place within the Partzufim themselves: in the governance found in Atzilut (though it too is rooted in and  ultimately “takes its orders from” the covert governance). This touches on the apparent contradiction between foreknowledge and free will we spoke of above.


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