Two Agendas (2)

So we’re told that this root — i.e., the interactions of MaH and Bancannot be revealed, which is why it will also be referred to as Radlah, i.e., Reisha d’La Ityada, “The Unfathomable Head” [1]. It can’t be revealed because it’s rooted in God’s “hidden agenda” [2]. In fact, Divine governance is entirety dependent on its being concealed, for when it’s concealed people engage in their affairs out of free will while God carries out His own hidden agenda in the background which is based on His foreknowledge. As such, it’s the concealment itself that allows for Tikkun, i.e., the revelation of God’s Yichud.

Accordingly, there is on one hand the overt order that God Himself displays which involves the order of Atzilut with its various Partzufim Erich, Abbah, Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukveh which are all rooted in free will, right and wrong and the like, while on the other hand there’s the concealed root i.e., Radlah that’s based on the fact that MaH is conjoined with BaN, which is covert and rooted in Divine foreknowledge [3].

So we now have a deeper understanding of Ramchal’s viewpoint on free will versus foreknowledge. It comes to this.


[1]       See Petachim 85-89 below especially for more on this.

[2]       Ramchal is commenting here on the fact that, as is shown in Eitz Chaim (Sha’ar Attik, Ch. 1), the layout of the interplay of MaH and BaN is decidedly neither linear nor straightforward, and he explains that as indicating the hidden inexplicable Divine agenda. See his own comments here for more on this.

[3] See 1:4 above for a discussion of the two agendas,


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