What’s unfathomable down below is also — and all the more so — unfathomable up above (1)

The final two Petachim of this section (83 and 84) offer that not only is the makeup of the conjunction of MaH and Ban largely unfathomable in our realm — that that’s also true in the upper realm.

Petach 83 is rather arcane as its stands, but as Ramchal lays it out in the Petach itself along with his own comments there its says the following.

All the Partzufim play equal roles when it comes to the governing of Atzilut. But that only became possible after each Partzuf assumed a certain specificity, as when a Partzuf that was to play a large role in the governance came to be comprised of a lot of MaH and BaN elements, while one that was to accomplish a lesser role was comprised of fewer ones. It was those variable combinations that governed Atzilut.

We can’t really discern the makeup of these Partzufim as far as their MaH and BaN combinations are concerned; all we can discern is the function each serves in the governing of Atzilut.

Here’s how the Petach itself is worded.

The Partzufim of Atzilut were already produced at the time of the Tikkun by the selections that were made then from various admixtures of MaH and BaN. But it’s still and all true it’s no longer clear now when it comes to God’s governance of Atzilut what they’d been produced from. And that’s because the selections had already been conjoined and the Partzufim are now equal in function, in that those that were produced from certain selections are like those that were produced from others.

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