What’s unfathomable down below is also — and all the more so — unfathomable up above (2)

The final Petach of this section (84) goes on to depict the fact that the MaH and BaN elements of the Partzufim have a hidden aspect even though they’re all the same outwardly. What it says (taking Ramchal’s own comments here into account) is this.

Aside from being the hidden source of Atzilut, the conjunction of MaH and BaN is also involved in the very construction of Atzilut’s Partzufim. As such, that conjunction affects the Partzufim themselves as well as how they govern by adding various qualities to them — qualities that are nonetheless hidden. Thus, there are two aspects of the actions of the Partzufim: the MaH and BaN aspect which is hidden, and the actions of Atzilut in its entirety which is revealed.

The Petach itself reads as follows: The fact that MaH was conjoined with BaN in the various Partzufim by means of the selections that were made as mentioned in Petach 83 was certainly not for no reason. On the contrary, it gave the Partzufim themselves important qualities and roles. It’s just that those qualities are hidden within them. What‘s visible though is only what was produced after the selections. And the order in which the Partzufim were placed in order to function and govern depends on the form they all have in common.


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