Attik and Pre-Attik Partzufim

As we’d said earlier (see 4:1), the Partzufim are usually laid out thusly, in descending order: Adam Kadmon, Erich Anpin, Abba and Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukveh.

There are those who speak of Partzufim higher yet than Adam Kadmon [1], and in fact Ari himself clearly alluded to higher Partzufim [2] but they are not our concern here for the most part, both because Ramchal doesn’t focus much on them here and also because Ari discouraged full discussions of them.

In any event, this Petach starts off with a discussion of the Partzuf known as Attik.



[1]       See R’ Sarug in his Derushei Olam HaMalbush.

[2]       See Otztrot Chaim end of p. 3a. Also see Ramchal’s own statement that “even though we only (usually) refer to four (or five of them) in truth there are an infinite number of worlds (and hence, Partzufim)” (Petach 31, in his comments).


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