Attik (1)

We’re taught here that Attik is the first Partzuf attributed to the world of Atzilut. It is in fact the Malchut of the world of Adam Kadmon. Let’s explain all of that.

Recall that there are five worlds, in descending order:

Adam Kadmon





Ari pointed out in a number of places that these are the names of the Partzufim, in descending order:

Radlah (i.e., Reishah d’La Isyadah — The Unknowable Source)

Attik (also known as Attik Yomin) and Nukveh d’ (the feminine aspect of) Attik Yomin)

Erich Anpin and Nukveh d’ Erich Anpin

Abba Ilah (the Higher)

Yisrael Sabah

Abba and Imma


Zaire Anpin



Nukveh d’Zaire Anpin



So, the statement that Attik is the first Partzuf attributed to the world of Atzilut means that even though Attik functions as the Malchut or lowest level of the world of Adam Kadmon, it nonetheless also functions as the highest Partzuf of the next lower world of Atzilut. That is to say that Attik straddles two worlds: Adam Kadmon, which it’s the lowest degree of, and Atzilut which it’s the highest degree of (where it functions as Erich Anpin which will be discussed in the Section Sixteen below).

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